• User must have the legal right to use the material on their website. 

  •  User must credit the original creator, source and website when using the Media 2 Play material. 

  • User agrees to comply with copyright laws, such as ensuring the material is not plagiarized. 

  • User agrees to only use content that is not offensive or violating any laws. 

  • User agrees not to redistribute the material in any way without permission from the original creator or webmaster. 

  • The user agrees to only download material for personal use, not to be resold. 

  • The user agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the webmaster and all associated entities in regards to claims arising from the use of the material. 

  • The user acknowledges that all materials are the property of the website and agrees not to reproduce, edit, distort, or publicly display any content.

  • The user agrees to abide by the purchased license when using the materials.

  • The user acknowledges that the content may only be used for non-commercial purposes, and any commercial use requires authorization from both the original creator and the webmaster.

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